About Us - Honesty Sales (Your Very Local Online Store)

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About Us - Honesty Sales (Your Very Local Online Store)


We are Honesty Sales, Trading name for Eagle Rise Ventures Ltd (09409537). Eagle Rise Ventures Ltd is a company registered in UK and Ireland and it’s the owner of this store.


Eagle Rise Ventures Ltd is a family-owned business that started in 2015. We are located in Wolverhampton - West Midlands, United Kingdom. We mainly sell online, delivering our products from our warehouse. We make quality products easy to access and affordable!

What We Sell 


All our products are of high quality and original. We stand by our products each step of the way and we are not satisfied until you are. 

We provide a mix of brand new and immaculate ex-display model office/consumer electronics and IT equipment at a much more affordable price than buying from the high street. 


We source our groceries from local warehouses and make them available to customers in areas that they are not able to get those products.

We also import some our groceries from other African countries, countries like Ghana and Nigeria. We make sure our products are genuine and authentic.

Skin Care Products

We also do have a large range of skin and hair care products.

We source our skin care products from U.K, French and African manufactures. As usaul we do check the authenticity of all our product before importing. We do have a large amount of natural skin and hair care products.

Health Care Products

As we are not registered to sell any medication. We do not sell medication that requires subscription. The health products we sell are herbal products that anyone can have without any side effect.

Clothing and Accessories

We also do have huge stock of clothing. Womens', Mens' and and Kid's clothing and accessories. We source our clothing from U.K warehouses and at time from warehouses outside the U.K.

Some of the clothing we import from outside the U.K are, African traditional/cultural clothing which any one can buy and use for their arts and cultural celebrations.


Customers have the option of choosing their delivery choice at checkout. We do have 24 - 48hrs deliveries. We use Royal Mail, Evry and DPD. We use DPD for our heavier orders. We have a free shipping of orders over £300. With our free shipping items are delivered to a DPD depot for pickup. We do appologise in advance for this incovenience.

Company Policy 

We have a strict company policy of being 100% honest and transparent with our customers and going above and beyond to make sure your customer experience is a memorable one for the right reasons. 

Being a relatively young business, we are depending on new and existing customers to spread the word about us and we know that this will only happen if we provide top quality products at excellent prices and provide outstanding customer service to match. 

We do our utmost to make sure that all new customers are so pleased with the excellent value and customer service they receive.  

A customer will tell a friend or relative if they are only satisfied, we are aware of this and so we not satisfied until – You Are! We love a comeback purchase and so we will do everything to put a smile on a customer’s face.  

Ex-demo HP Computers 

When we say a product is “As New”, we mean it literally. Most of our HP Computers are Ex-Demo. Unless stated as new or used, all our HP computers are Renew/Ex-Demo.

The HP Renew products you see in our store have been individually inspected by qualified engineers for any marks, scuffs, scratches or any other defects that you might be concerned to find on an item that has been on display. Only items that are deemed absolutely immaculate make it onto our site. 

Returns, Refunds and Exchanges Policy 

Our strict policy on transparency means we get very few return requests however if you receive an item that is defective or not as described, simply contact us and we will arrange an exchange or refund. View full details of our returns policy here